Spaced Out: A solo exhibition by Milarky

24 September - 31 October 2022
In our era of post-post modernism, the accompanying technologization and climate threat, many fellow humans are tormented and therefore fueled by the desire to escape into a dream world. The exhibition "Spaced out" attempts to map the anthropocentric bias of this age by literally and figuratively fleeing from it.

The impending tension that the exhibition interprets is recognizable to all, and its quest yields enigmatic, mesmerizing works created by New Plymouth-based street art phenomenon Milarky.


The works evoke a longing for peace, ecstasy or a kind of absorption in nature or self-imagined world; in yet others, that longing is obscured by a kind of voyeuristic loneliness, dark fatalism or existential doubt. These works push the conceptual and spiritual limits of the all-encompassing connations of the universe, pictured in a visual way.