Think Objects Think

A selection of poems and artworks by Iain Cheesman
Iain Cheesman, 2022

Publisher: Iain Cheesman

ISBN: 978-0-473-61565-9

Dimensions: 28 x 14 cm

Pages: 57

 Images, artwork, poems and writing: Iain Cheesman

Writing / Essay: Anton Blank
Design: Genie De Wit, Monster Illustration

Design Artwork Embroidery and Cover: Sarah Tout
Published by Iain Cheesman


"I have always preferred shelves,

I like them more than tables. Shelves are like the anarchists
in the furniture family. They are simple and they are determined, they take what is given them
with a punk-like attitude, jostling, yelling and heading straight towards chaos. They cannot choose what they get and so they rebel"