Danny Tulkens (born in Leuven - 1953), sculptor from the school of Koenraad Tinel and blood brother of the unforgettable Roland Rens. Tulkens knocks and welds together bronze life wisdom and razor-sharp quips with dazzling craftsmanship. A technique that is not self- evident and requires specific technical knowledge and skill.


Tulkens scrutinises and magnifies the peculiarities of man, so that the sculptures sometimes seem to be bathed in an atmosphere of surrealism. Tulkens probes the mystery of being human and puts his finger on the sometimes unimaginable smallness of that same being. Sarcasm, irony and cynicism are never far away, but they never become heavy-handed either. They remain carried by a winged lightness. The world evoked by the artist is a universal world, a world determined neither by time nor by space. It is a world that All this is somewhat analogous to the alienation we experience when confronted with the microscopic image of a known object.


All presence in his work, while fully sarcastic, has its own stoical descent towards nothingness written into its shape, its stance.