Wendy Lineham 

Wendy Lineham’s art practice involves the visual use of irony. Paintings are generated from cut up magazines, books and photographs. Images are collaged together then translated into oil paintings.

Ideals about the development; structure and functionality of human society are shown. Lineham uses animals, symbols and images of technology to convey common themes including power imbalance, ego, and the artist as prophet.  “I like ideals to be inferred. I try to generate a shared history with the viewer through benign and familiar objects, context or place. This is done to create a sense of connection; to draw the viewer in to the allusions in the work.”

Stylistically Lineham’s work sits within “The Picture Generation” where works tend to expose cultural stereotypes. Tonalism and Social Realism are also evident. Lineham studied at Canterbury University’s School of Fine Arts (Ilam), in Christchurch, New Zealand completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Lineham currently resides in Nelson, New Zealand. Her work is included in the collections of the Wallace Art Trust, Chris Parkin / Museum Art Hotel as well as New Zealand Galleries.

When in Nelson, The Nomadic Art Gallery met with Lineham where she added a work onto the truck's public participatory artwork. The work she created comes from her "I am Sovereign Series".