Amat Gueye (b. 1995, Paris) is a French/Senegalese artist and recent graduate of the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre (Belgium). 


Alternating between traditional and unconventional modes of painting, Gueye skillfully uses a unique technique through which he applies ink on glossy paper to create depth and optical illusions. Gueye combines figurative and abstract elements, in works that echo diversity, noise, abundance, and blurred uncertainty. Through his intense dynamics and color palette, he conceives works whose visual markers are symptomatic of a time where the flow of (digital) images is constant, extensive, and fast.


His deliberate choice of material, random subject matter, and happy accidents affecting the works create an individual and nuanced combination, echoing a shared yet impalpable contemporary visual culture. Gueyes artistic spirit embodies a form of 1990s nostalgia and escapism, one filled with references to cartoons, video games, myths, fantasy, pulsating techno, and pinball machines. 


A mélange of unseen amalgams and abstracted objects populate his wooden canvases, conceptually exploring dichotomies between the real and the digital, the natural and the artificial. Gazing through his work, one starts to wonder how much of human technology is in fact informed by nature. 


Gueye has participated in several group shows in galleries and artist-run spaces in Brussels, including Rochet Sedin Gallery; Espace Adventura; and Hermany.