Michelle Reid 

Michelle Reid is an Auckland based artist with a Bachelor of Textile Design, and a Postgraduate Diploma with first class honors from Elam School of Fine Arts 2019. Reid was a finalist in National Contemporary Art Award 2019, and a recipient of Molly Morpeth-Canaday Highly Commended Award 2017.

Reid was part of the Nomadic Art Gallery's digital exhibition "Alienation". Contextualisation of her works within the exhibition theme: 

I always find it deeply confrontational to write about abstract artworks, especially those created by such a virtuosic handling of paint. Every time you look at those artworks, you see something new because it gradually reveals something fundamental about the way in which the world appears to us. But at the same time, you feel like you’re always missing something. These paintings, called “Dimmer”, "Flurry" and "Patter" is part of the 'Atmospheric Disquiet’ series exhibited as part of Reids’ Postgraduate Diploma in fine arts at Elam.

These paintings on display probe the intangible, omnipresent and sometimes unsettling qualities that submerge us in ephemeral atmospheric effects. They seek to meld together a climatic spatial sense with the artist’s own version of Annie Besant’s ‘Thought-Forms’ and ‘corporeal isles’. This sense can be aroused but not achieved as it is beyond representation.⁣

"Dimmer" is characterised by a chromatic palette of different intensities of the color green that subtly glide to the black abyss. The intensity of hue and abstract forms, as metaphors for the disquiet moods of (our) nature, evoke the late-Turnerian sublime of the romantic era, while embracing an Eastern aesthetic of finding beauty in impermanence and incompleteness.

Through juxtapositions of dark and light colors, softened pictorial fields in a nearly texture-less surface, compositions with limited materials thinly applied to create fluid configurations, Reids' works should be seen to both elevate and inspire perception in the eye of the beholder.

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