Lindsey Baker 

Lindsey Baker has been painting and exhibiting for over 25 years, having had several solo exhibitions and is invited to participate in many group Shows. His work is often large and can take several months to complete.
Lindsey has work published in 2 books
" New Zealand on Canvas" Compiled by Denis Robinson.
 " Artists Impressions of New Zealand"
He also has had work in many calendar publications.
Lindsey's' work is represented in the University of Waikato collection, The Waikato Museum of Art and History and many private collections throughout New Zealand.
His work is represented by NKB Gallery in Mt Eden, Auckland

Baker was part of the Nomadic Art Gallery's digital exhibition "Alienation". Contextualisation of his work within the exhibition theme: 

"At first glance, this hyperrealistic painting, produced with a high level of prowess and virtuosity, seems like a photograph. By omitting the background and working with a vivid (corresponding) color palette, the overall pictorial design is maintained while emphasizing the complex focus on the subject depicted, presenting it as a living, tangible object. The artist has succeeded in achieving a tangible solidity and physical presence through subtle lighting and shading effects. Shapes, objects and areas closest to the forefront resonate beyond the frontal planes of canvas, making you see the details with more clarity than in real life. ⁣

The detailed snapshot of the woman constructs a narrative and emotive connection with the spectator. The woman, indulging in consumptive, unhealthy pleasures, such as eating an ice cream, having a packet of cigarettes ready and drinking an energy drink, confronts the viewer with an illusion, a simulation of something which probably never existed. ⁣

Furthermore, this visual simulation incorporates social, cultural and political thematic elements pointing to a woman, who seems of polynesian origin through her clothes and accessories, who stands between two cultural fires and is assimilated by another. Thematically, Baker confronts us with the diaspora and the sociocultural condition that goes along with it through narrative painting as a phenomenological medium"

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